Stainless Steel Wire

Fairbanks Wire In-Stock Supply of Stainless Steel Wire Includes:

Stainless Steel Wire TypeStandards
302 – Most widely used stainless spring material due to its excellent combination of heat resistance, corrosion resistance and physical properties.ASTM A580
303 – Basic austenitic grade used where good machining properties are required.ASTM A581
304 – Basic austenitic alloy used in a wide range of tempers for springs, rope, welding, weaving and slide form applications. ELC version available.ASTM A580
304LASTM A580
302HQ – Known as heading quality stainless steel. Great for fasteners or where heavy bending is required.ASTM A493
304V – This alloy is most popular for medical appliances. This material is electric-arc melted to refine the purity and homogeneity of the metal. This process yields a more uniform chemistry with minimal voids and contaminants. The ease of joining with solder or welding, combined with excellent strength makes it desirable. 304V is one of the least expensive medical alloys.ASTM F-899
ASTM F-138
305 – The main austenitic fastener alloy due to low work hardening rate.ASTM A580
AS 5685A
316 – Good corrosion and pitting resistance and high temperature properties. Used where corrosion resistance of Type 304 is not adequate. ELC available.ASTM A580
316L –ASTM A580
316LVM – Known as “Medical Grade.” This material is vacuum melted to achieve extremely high purity levels required for surgical implants. 316LVM has excellent resistance in physiological environment and general intergranular corrosion and pitting.ASTM F-899
ASTM F-138
17-7AMS 5678F
17-4ASTM F-899
AMS 5678F
430 – Good corrosion resistance and good ductility. Used for fastener applications, weaving wire and slide form parts.ASTM A580
Inconel X750° – Applications include: Nuclear reactors, gas turbines, rocket engines, pressure vessels, aircraft structures.AMS 5698
AMS 5699G
Nickel 200 – Application include: Food and synthetic fiber processing, Heat exchangers, Chemical and electrical industries.ASTM B-162