Industries Served

We Are ISO 9001 Certified

All our tempers and diameters are meticulously held to each client’s specifications, resulting in wire diameter tolerances which surpass today’s industry standards.

Wire Available in:

Coil, Spools, & Straight Cut Bars

Available in various surface finishes:

Extra Bright Diamond Drawn, Soap Coated, & Bare

Aerospace Industry

We supply wires that are used in a wide variety of implementations for the aerospace industry.

Wire Formers

We provide the meticulously sized wire ranging from .010” to .340”

Spring Makers

We manufacture customized wires that are transformed into high grade springs.


We deliver quality wires that are reconstructed into instruments and equipment for the medical and orthopedic industries.

Services Offered


We offer a variety of cleaning services such as passivation, electropolishing and ultrasonic cleaning resulting in an uncontaminated, smooth, non-stick surface.

Straight Cut

We offer round wire straightening and cutting services for diameters up to .080

Centerless Grinding

Our Thru Feed centerless grinding services handle part diameters from .045″ (1.14 mm) to 1.0″ (25.4 mm) for a vast range of part lengths and offer maximum efficiency.

Torsion Straightening

Wire is straightened to coil, resulting in a continuous length of straight wire ready for further processing.


We offer 4 main sizes of spooling; 25lb., 50lb., 100lb., and 250lb. spooling.

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Precision Now

  • In accordance with ISO:9001
  • Maintain rigorous testing and certifications are provided with all orders
  • Custom boxes and packaging guards the wire
  • Every job is considered a priority
  • Most jobs ship within 1-2 weeks
  • No order is too small or too precise

Experts For The Future

  • State of the art facility allows quick turn around time
  • New and updated machinery with new technology
  • Produce the full spectrum of size and tensile requirements
  • Extremely tight tolerances and super fast deliveries