Precision Now

Fairbanks Wire Corporation has excelled in drawing wire since 1948. We are a second-generation family business and over the years, there have been many changes to the wire industry. However, what has stayed constant is our commitment to quality, close tolerances, and quick delivery and that’s what keeps our customers coming back time and time again.

Fairbanks wire is in accordance with ISO:9001. We maintain rigorous testing throughout the wire drawing process and certifications are provided with all orders. Our custom boxes and packaging guards the wire until its ready for use. We consider every job a priority and status reports are generated daily to keep production on-time. Most jobs ship within 1-2 weeks. No order is too small or too precise and with our vast experience and long standing reputation we are your trusted wire source.

Wire Experts For The Future

Our state of the art facility allows us to have precision wire drawing and quick turnaround times. Fairbanks Wire has made significant contributions in the Medical & Aerospace industries. We have acquired new machinery and updated existing machinery with new technologies. We can produce the full spectrum of size and tensile requirements. We are experts at holding extremely tight tolerances and super fast deliveries. This is what sets Fairbanks Wire apart from many others. We are committed to growing with you into the future…